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Human rights due diligence [clear filter]
Monday, November 26

1:30pm CET

Driving human rights performance from the top in the mining sector – the role of the board and investors

Background to the discussion:
In January this year, Blackrock’s Chairman and CEO, Lawrence Fink, wrote an open letter to business leaders noting that, “to sustain… performance, you must understand the societal impact of your business”. Businesses have the potential to impact society in a range of ways, negatively and positively. Implementing the UN Guiding Principles allows companies to understand and address some of these potential impacts as they relate to human rights.  
Good governance and a strong board are critical to making respect for human rights part of how business gets done, thereby advancing a range of human rights in society, while protecting and creating value for the business. As Fink noted, “a company’s ability to manage environmental, social and governance matters demonstrates the leadership and good governance that is so essential to sustainable growth.” Board engagement is essential to improved performance over the long term, in providing rigorous oversight and accountability, in developing strategy and articulating purpose and responding to questions that are increasingly important to its investors, its consumers, and the communities in which it operates.

Key questions:
  • What does the board see from a governance perspective and what expertise do they bring to the table?
  • What do they discuss and how do they work with their CEO and management team in and out of the boardroom to manage risks to business and risks to people, reputation and long-term value to shareholders?
  • What challenges and opportunities do they see for improving performance in their sector? 
Jane Nelson, Board member of  Newmont, will offer her perspective on why this agenda matters to Newmont and how she is working with Newmont’s leadership to drive it forward, including highlighting some of the challenges they face in practice. 
Human rights have long been a concern of socially responsible investors, but there are indications that human rights are moving onto the agenda of mainstream investors. Why does this matter to investors and what do they expect to see in terms of board oversight and governance?
Tom Butler, CEO of ICMM, a CEO -led association of 27 global mining companies, will talk to the commitments ICMM member companies make on board oversight and governance and share reflections from the industry on investor engagement on social issues and human rights.

This session will provide an opportunity for an interactive and constructive discussion where participants are able to engage directly with senior leaders on key human rights topics, with a focus on driving performance through knowing, showing and acting. It will complement the opening plenary session on the role of CEOs/ Senior management on leading from the top (see below).
The format and structure will be guided by input from the speakers and the moderator. One suggestion is that each panel member has 5 minutes for an opening pitch to the floor and then the moderator leads a discussion across the panel on 2-3 substantive issues before opening to the floor. We can gather Q&A from the floor during the session and pull them together for the moderator to select and ask.

Moderator/ Introductory Remark...
avatar for Caroline Rees

Caroline Rees

President, Shift
Caroline Rees is President and Co-Founder of Shift. Shift is a non-profit mission-driven organization that works across all continents and sectors to challenge assumptions, push boundaries, and redefine corporate practice, in order to build a world where business gets done with respect... Read More →

avatar for Tom Butler

Tom Butler

CEO, International Council on Mining and Metals
avatar for John Howchin

John Howchin

Secretary General, Swedish Council on Ethics for the AP Funds
I have worked with socially responsible investments and corporate social responsibility for over 20 years, cross all sectors and all around the world. Happy to talk about everything relevant.

Andy Jones

Head of Mining, Hermes Asset Management

Jane Nelson

Director of Corporate Responsibility Initiative and Newmont Board member, Harvard Kennedy School
Jane Nelson has worked in the field of corporate responsibility and public-private partnerships for almost 30 years working with organizations such as The Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the UN Global Compact... Read More →

Monday November 26, 2018 1:30pm - 2:45pm CET
Room XX

4:40pm CET

Human Rights in International Supply Chains - Where is the disconnect?

Organized by Global Compact Local Network (Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom) and United Nations Global Compact

The Local Networks engaged in the coordination of this session have developed the following informal pre-read for this session, providing a snapshot of BHR initiatives of Local Networks of the UN Global Compact around the world. You can access the document here

Brief description of the session:
The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, with over 9500 business participants from across all regions of the world. Crucially, Global Compact Local Networks operate in 71 countries to support businesses on their sustainability journey in their own regions. This session will present practical perspectives from across the world on the theme of:
Better connecting responsible businesses across global supply chains
Global Compact Local Networks operate across all regions of the world, and include companies from the bottom to the top of global supply chains. This segment brings together businesses at both ends of the supply chain, to address how responsible businesses on both sides can better connect to promote respect and support for human rights.
The Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights clarify that enterprises have an independent responsibility to respect human rights and that in order to do so they are required to exercise human rights due diligence. In a recent report on the state of play of corporate human rights due diligence in practice, the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights found that "Translating corporate policies into local contexts, for example in subsidiaries, is a challenge across sectors. There is typically a disconnect between the corporate level and implementation on the ground as well as gaps in internal alignment between functions and incentive structures. ...An apparent gap in current supply chain management is that human rights due diligence tends to be limited to tier-one companies."
The panellists will share their experience in implementing effective human rights due diligence across supply chains, and discuss some of the ways they and their partners are looking to improve supply chain management in the future. From the perspective of headquarters, a local subsidiary, and a local supplier, the panellists will examine how disconnects can arise between these actors - and identify some of the best ways to overcome them.

Session objectives:
  • Illustrate how the UNGPs are implemented in practice, , including some of the main challenges, existing good practice and potential areas for improvement
  • Identify the main “disconnects” in respecting human rights along supply chains between headquarters, subsidiaries and local suppliers
  • Build understanding on the role of human rights in procurement decisions
  • Portray good practices of companies from different regions

Format of the session:
Tentative Agenda:
  • Welcome (2 minutes)
  • Better connecting responsible businesses across global supply chains
    • Introductory Remarks by Sustainable Procurement & Human Rights Expert (10 minutes)
    • Moderated interactive discussion between business panellists (40 minutes)
    • Interventions from the floor from other LNs speakers (5 minutes)
    • Q&A and Discussion with the Audience (20 minutes)
  • Closing & Call to Action (3 minutes)

Audience Engagement 
 This session will engage the audience by using the Q&A and polling application slido,

Moderator/ Introductory Remark...
avatar for Steve Kenzie

Steve Kenzie

Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network UK

avatar for Linda Jakobsen

Linda Jakobsen

Senior CSR Consultant, Schur International
avatar for John Karakatsianis

John Karakatsianis

Corporate Citizenship Director, Avianca (Headquartes, Colombia)
avatar for Lise Kingo

Lise Kingo

CEO and Executive Director, UN Global Compact
Lise Kingo is the CEO and Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, which is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with more than 13,500 signatories from 170 countries that have committed to aligning strategies and operations with universal principles... Read More →
avatar for Nathalie Komatisch

Nathalie Komatisch

Head of Human Rights Department, Total
Human rightsHuman rights defendersHuman rights due diligenceMyanmarMozambiqueUgandaSaudi Arabia
avatar for Claus Teilmann Petersen

Claus Teilmann Petersen

Department Director, Human Rights and Business, Danish Institute for Human Rights
Claus Teilmann Petersen is Department Director at DIHR’s Human Rights and Business Department overseeing the Corporate Engagement and Business & Accountability programs. Claus is seated in United Nations Global Compact’s “Advisory Network of Experts” and an interim position... Read More →
avatar for Tantrie Soetjipto

Tantrie Soetjipto

Marketing Director, Board Of Commissioner of Panin Dubai Syariah Bank, Senior Adviser to IBEKA and Co-Founder Womenprene, PT Kampung Kearifan Indonesia (JAVARA)
Tantrie is a professional banker for over 25 years and for the past 2 years has decided to take the role as an Independent Commissioner for Panin Dubai Syariah Bank, Indonesia. This enables her to proactively support the growth of leading social enterprises and NGO's in Indonesia... Read More →
avatar for Yann Wyss

Yann Wyss

Senior Manager, Social Impact, Nestlé
Yann Wyss joined Nestlé in 2011 as a human rights expert to develop and implement Nestlé’s Human Rights Due Diligence Program across the company’s operations and supply chain. He started his career in the Swiss Foreign Ministry, where he was actively involved in the creation... Read More →
avatar for Ramon Zumarraga

Ramon Zumarraga

Director of Purchasing Services in Iberdrola (Spain), Iberdrola
Although I've been in Purchasing for almost 20 years in Iberdrola, mainly in operative roles, my current role includes Supplier Development and Management. A key area that we've been trying to develop over the last years is CSR and Human Rights development in our supply chain.Resume... Read More →

Monday November 26, 2018 4:40pm - 6:00pm CET
Tuesday, November 27

10:00am CET

Plenary II: Building coherence and reaching scale on human rights due diligence – International organizations' leadership perspectives

Interpretation is provided in English, French, Spanish and Korean.

Under the title “Building coherence and reaching scale on human rights due diligence – International organizations' leadership perspectives”, the plenary convenes senior leaders from the UN and international organizations working to promote responsible business conduct and sustainability.
The high-level plenary provides an opportunity for signaling alignment of international standards and action to promote corporate respect for human rights, as well as for reinforcing the message that business respect for human rights must be at the heart of corporate contributions to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
A central aim is to signal alignment on the importance of corporate human rights due diligence to enable business enterprises meet their responsibility to respect human rights.

Moderator/ Introductory Remark...
avatar for Dante Pesce

Dante Pesce

Chairperson, UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights
Mr. Dante Pesce holds a Masters in Political Science from the Catholic University of Chile and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the VINCULAR Center for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development at the... Read More →

avatar for Michelle Bachelet

Michelle Bachelet

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
On September 1, 2018 Michelle Bachelet assumed her functions as the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was established in 1993 and Ms. Bachelet is the seventh Commissioner.Ms. Bachelet was elected President of Chile... Read More →
avatar for Lise Kingo

Lise Kingo

CEO and Executive Director, UN Global Compact
Lise Kingo is the CEO and Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, which is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with more than 13,500 signatories from 170 countries that have committed to aligning strategies and operations with universal principles... Read More →
avatar for Masamichi Kono

Masamichi Kono

Deputy Secretary-General, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Mr. Masamichi Kono was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of the OECD in August 2017. His portfolio includes the strategic direction of OECD policy on Environment, Development, Green Growth, Science and Technology Policy and Innovation, Financial and Enterprise Affairs and Anti-C... Read More →
avatar for Guy Ryder

Guy Ryder

Director-General, International Labour Organization (ILO)
ILO Director-General Guy Ryder took office on 1 October 2012. Guy Ryder sees the ILO as absolutely central to the questions of the day: jobs, social protection, the fight against poverty, and equality. For this reason, he wants to reinforce the ILO's place at the centre of international... Read More →
avatar for Haoliang Xu

Haoliang Xu

Assistant Administrator and Director for the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Haoliang Xu was appointed Assistant Administrator and Director for the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific by the United Nations Secretary-General in September 2013. Previously, Mr. Xu was Deputy Regional Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent... Read More →

Tuesday November 27, 2018 10:00am - 11:15am CET
Room XX