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Mary Thuo

Cityscape Trends Services
Founding Managing Director
Nairobi, Kenya

Mary Wanja Thuo is the founder and managing director of Cityscape
Trends Services Limited, a social enterprise that provides Sustainable commercial cleaning and maintenance of offices and buildings while leveraging on our core business to address social and environmental goals.. She has a wealth of experience in business and the service industry. Before she left formal employment in 2005, she had initially worked as a waitress in the coast region of Kenya. Due to political upheaval during the time, she left the coast region and relocated to Nairobi, where she was employed in beauty salons, for a period of 3 years, before finally quitting formal employment and venturing into self-employment. She founded a beauty salon— ‘Talk of The Town Executive Salon and Barber Shop’, a business venture that turned out quite successful and which she managed for 10 years, before venturing into Cityscape Trends, still in the service industry. She later sold off the beauty salon, in order to fully focus on Cityscape Trends.
Mary applied and was accepted by the Goldman Sach’s Foundation Centre for Executive Entrepreneurs Development program (CEED) which is run in collaboration with the USIU (United States International University) Africa, in Nairobi. This was the turning point for Mary. She learnt and implemented professional business practices, including proper book - keeping, which enabled success and sustainability in her business. Headquartered in Nairobi, Cityscape Trends serves various NGOs, private and public institutions in Kenya, East Africa. Under her inspirational leadership, Cityscape Trends has progressed and become one of the household name firms in the Kenyan market renowned for quality care of indoor and outdoor spaces. Driven by the virtue to deliver service excellence, she is committed to making Kenya a cleaner, better country. Her bravery, relentlessness and hunger for learning inspire her to increase and improve her knowledge in every way possible especially in trainings and networking with entrepreneurs in events organized by business and networking associations. She is ever keen and determined to actualize newly acquired skills and knowledge. Under her leadership and guidance, Cityscape Trends is signatory to the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs). Mary champions and advocates Human rights guided by the UN Guiding Principles at the work place. With a work force of 50 sanitation consultants, majority are vulnerable and marginalized groups dwelling in urban and peri- urban areas- at the bottom of the pyramid in Nairobi. She guides, inspires, mentors and empowers them in determined efforts to fight and eradicate poverty for economic growth.
As signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, Mary also rattles the cage in her industry as an influencer and advocate for business and human rights, labor laws, responsible and ethical work as well as environmental impact. Through her network; Mary is a committed and active member of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), UN Women Empowerment Principles (WEPS) and has gained a wealth of experience, exposure and creativity. This has inspired her to develop, design and implement solutions on factors and impediments that disrupt the environment such as pollution, water scarcity and other odds that adversely impact people’s health while providing sustainable cleaning services for the greater good.
As a role model for young men and women, Mary is keen on ploughing back the wealth of knowledge and skills she has received from her life experiences through mentorship and additionally, she is involved in programs focused on youth and women empowerment, environmental sustainability and is an advocate for human rights.
Mary has gained recognition through championing business and human rights in the following ways:
i.) Award for Excellence, championing on United Nations Women Empowerment Principles.
ii.) Represented Kenya in Switzerland - Geneva to speak on human rights and business. [UNGPs]
iii.) Represented Kenyan SME’s in Spain - Madrid in co

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