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Madina Sanusi

A member of Ariel Foundation international an (NGO) for children and youth Human Rights Expert,Advocate, Trainer, Education and Speaker.AFI representative in Nigeria.
Under them ,she attended the UNRISD Seminar: Climate Change in Coastal Cities. I also attended the HRC/WG on the universal periodic Review both at the United Nations High commission Geneva.2018 UN Forum Business and Human Rights in Geneva.I was also the honored representative Ariel Foundation international for the 2018 United Nations Events in Geneva.
A member of the The Young African Leaders initiative (YALI )supports young people in sub-Saharan Africa as they foster economic growth, enhance democratic governance, and strengthen the civil society structures that will help the continent sustainably grow and prosper..
Am also attending the 8th Session of the Forum on Business and Human Rights 25/27 November in Palais des Nations- Geneva, Switzerland
As an Entrepreneur, Politician,Advocate and speaker, it takes a stand for achieving your definition of success without sacrifice. She is the founder of a kiddies events outlets, a new way of sustainable living for entrepreneurs filled with having more fun, living free and feeling fabulous while making a difference in the world. As a lifestyle strategist for entrepreneurs, she has helped world-class leaders from around the globe design a business lifestyle that gives them the impact, income and fulfillment they want. She is known for helping people take back control of their lives so that they can achieve sustainable success, genuine fulfillment and lasting happiness.