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Phil Bloomer

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
Executive Director
Phil Bloomer is Executive Director of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, a digital action platform that empowers human rights advocates in civil society, business, and government.
The website attracts 4 million visits each year; tracks the human rights performance of over 9,000 companies around the world; and seeks corporate accountability for over 600 allegations of abuse each year. The organisation seeks to enhance corporate transparency, due diligence, and remedy, with programmes on labour rights; natural resources – with focus on Just Transition issues; and civic freedoms and human rights defenders.
Phil was a founding director of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (CHRB) that works with investors, and ranks the largest companies in high-risk sectors regarding their human rights policy, practice and performance.
He was previously the Director of Campaigns and Policy at Oxfam. Phil also worked for 11 years in Central America and Colombia on human rights, indigenous rights, and broader economic justice.