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Christa Hayden Sharpe

International Justice Mission
Regional President, IJM Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific
    IJM is a global human rights NGO that equips governments to sustainably and effectively protect the most vulnerable from exploitation and violence in over 20 locations around the world. We build collaborative, sustainable solutions between governments, private sector, civil society, and survivors to ensure justice systems function at the local level to sustainably stop violence, increase rule of law, build an enabling environment for social and economic development efforts to flourish, and align with labor and social service initiatives. Through a foundation of high-quality, end-to-end investigations, legal and aftercare services, we provide mentorship-based capacity building of the State's justice and social service system actors, successful prosecutions of local traffickers, and restorative survivor care.  We are working to decrease the prevalence of forced labor on migration corridors and in supply chains, sex trafficking, the online sexual exploitation of children, various forms of violence against women and children, and police abuse of power.
     I guide regional strategy and leadership support for our Asia Pacific Region, which includes Program Offices in the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and soon Malaysia (2021) as they combat the online sexual exploitation of children and forced labor on migration corridors and in supply chains. We also have four Advancement Offices in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.  I am happy to talk with you about any of our current projects, ideas for collaboration to sustainably end human rights abuses in recruiting corridors and supply chains, advocacy efforts, our Global Survivor Network, how we use data and criminal analytics to equip governments to end impunity for traffickers, how to bring the State into remediation efforts, trauma informed care in business and social services, and more!