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Mohammadi Saleh Mahmoud

Artist, winner of Cairo Prize
My Name is Mahmoud Saleh Mohammadi,
Contemporary artist born in 1979 in Tehran.
I live in Milan, the center of my art and my study.
My communication is not only through painting, but also through Social-Art , installations and performances.
these art forms intervening in our Contemporaneity with a message of Socio-cultural integration.

I bealive Social intervention is the task of contemporary artists
I started my contemporary research with a creative workshop aimed at promoting a dialogue between the different visual, performative and relational arts, as well as between the various ethnic groups,
for exampel that coexist in the same place - the well-known building of "Viale Bligny 42" in Milano.
The creation of "Spazio Nour" that is just like a "Artwork" for mi, has created a dialogue - through curatorial practices, exhibitions, events and workshops - from a social, relational and intercultural point of view, with the final aim of demolishing the social degradation - characterized by drugs, violence and prostitution - of the building.
This process was carried out with the use of an artistic and empathic language that i called : "Artempathy" and " Dialog's Art "

My Speakers Sessions

Monday, November 26

6:15pm CET