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Tuenjai Deetes

National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT)
Bangkok, Thailand
Tuenjai Deetes or "Kru Daeng" (Techer Daeng) graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand in 1974, then she had joined the Gradute Volunteer Program, Thammasat University, during 1974-1976. She started to be a "hill teacher" at Pangsa Villages, Chiang Rai province, then gradually and deeply realised the problems and root causes of statelss people and community rights in Thailand. In 1985, she co-founded the Hill Area and Community Development Foundation (HADF) and has been working on the promotion, capacity-bulding and strengthening of communities in Thai-Burmese border area by encoraging education, agricultural machinery and permanent forest plantation for the celebrations of the Auspicious of His Majesty the King Rama IX. In 2010, Tuenjai was elected as a Senator and then being a Member of National Legislative Assembly playing prominent roles for the encoraging of those unreached being reached. In 2015 - present, she is a Commissioner, the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand. Tuenjai has been playing both promotion and protection roles discussed and involved from “the Implementing of the UNGPs with Agribusiness” to "the Making of footprints of the National Human Rights Insititutions (NHRIs) for bridging the gaps existed and found with challengs for the implementation of the UNGPs", particularly with the enhancing towards National Action Plan (NAP) and involvement of the Extra-Territorial Obligations (ETOs).